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Oh How the Mighty Dallas Classic League has Fallen

Published 6/6/2011 11:17:24 PM by staff from dallas
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Oh how the mighty Dallas Classic League has fallen.  It used to be one of the two most powerful youth leagues in the United States with top flight teams deep in every age group.  Now we are witnessing the demise of a once highly competitive league.  Unfortunately the greed of Hassan, Solar and FC Dallas are ruining it.

The implementation of the rule where the bye stays with the club has had negative ramifications beyond what anyone could have imagined.  Couple that rule with the Academy and Dallas Classic League is left in shambles where the big clubs can advance teams throughout the age divisions and surpass the age old American way of actually winning promotion and earning a spot up the ladder.

In the 97 age group alone it is a joke.  Solar promoted a 97 boys team from the middle of the pack in Plano all the way into Division 1 of Dallas Classic League.  It is a farce yet the league allows it. The Dallas Texans have had two separate teams to be relegated in the age group in consecutive years yet they have been allowed to stay up.  The Division III Dallas Texans team is being moved into Division 1 next month while another team is being formed from scratch to play in Division 3 above all the teams that actually exist and deserve the open D3 spot. 

And the story goes on in every age group.

So what are the results?  Teams being moved past other teams that are much more deserving due to their actual play on the soccer field.  A Classic League where Division 1 is so watered down the bottom squads could not finish in the top 5 in Division 2.  They didnt earn their spots in D1 they were unjustly pushed past the more deserving squads.

So what will be the end all?  Bottom line is that Classic League is dying.  The main clubs outside Solar, Dallas Texans and FC Dallas have already been having meetings.  They have approached the Classic League looking for a solution, but since Dallas Classic League is run by the big clubs people of course the proposal was ignored.  It's just a matter of time before there will be a new league in North Texas where the playing field is level and teams are placed in divisions due to their actual merit and results rather than a poor rule that the powers refuse to change since it benefits them so.

Change is coming.

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