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The main issues for the US Soccer Team in Brazil

Published 6/21/2014 7:11:29 PM by staff from dallas

Now that we are over the trauma and elation of the opening USA win over Ghana we must move forward and prepare for Portugal and Germany.  The main issues going forward for the US Soccer Team:

Replacing Jozy Altidore --
Let's just call it like it is.  Jozy is not replaceable. We have no other player on the roster that can do what he can.  Johannsson was a disaster against Ghana.  Jurgen cannot run him out there against Portugal.  So that leaves us with two options.  Either throw Wondolowski up there or change formations and run a "Spain no forward" formation.  That would require Dempsey doing his normal but an extra midfielder pushing forward quickly.  So do you throw in Diskerud or Zusi to do that?  Sure would be nice to have Landon Donovan in the 23 now wouldn't it? The extra midfielder formation would work with Landon and Dempsey.  Definitely would have been better against Ghana than what we got in the 2nd half.  Either way we are in big trouble and this is more than likely not fixable.

Advancing --
A win will see the US book a place in the knockout rounds and get a go at Germany with a chance to take the group. A draw will most likely be enough to get the US into the next round barring craziness in the third matchday.  A loss to Portugal will throw things into chaos requiring a result against Germany.

Bradley & Dempsey --
Michael Bradley played one of his worst matches in the national jersey and Dempsey was a complete non-factor after having his nose broken.  Do not expect them to go so quietly against Portugal.  I expect both to have monster games...especially Bradley.

Portugal --
Sure they were blasted by Germany.  Sure they limp they lip into the match missing Pepe, Almeida and Coentrao.  BUT you don't take them lightly.  Wounded animals are dangerous.  Portugal still has quality and they have Cristiano Ronaldo who can win a match all by himself.  So gear up for a battle boys.  Portugal knows that without a win over the United States they are heading home.

Tim Howard --
Now it is Timmy Time.  One of the best keepers in the world will need to be the Best goalkeeper in the world the rest of the tournament!
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