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Serioux out to make impact with FC Dallas

Published 1/28/2007 1:43:24 AM by Steve Hunt from MLSnet.com

FRISCO, Texas -- Barely two months ago, Adrian Serioux was playing at Pizza Hut Park in MLS Cup 2006 for Houston Dynamo. The boys from the Bayou City captured the hardware that November day, and Serioux was in the starting 11. Just a matter of weeks later, Serioux changed sides as he was first taken by Toronto FC in the expansion draft and subsequently traded to FC Dallas in a deal involving all-star midfielder Ronnie O'Brien.

When asked about acquiring Serioux last November, FCD president and general manager Michael Hitchcock said that a major reason why the Hoops brought in the Canadian international was because of his reputation as a physical player. Hitchcock admitted that a mean streak was something that was definitely lacking from the FCD back line in 2006.

Fresh off a camp with the Canadian national team in Florida, Serioux is ready to begin his first preseason with FCD and is looking forward to meeting his new mates.

"It's a great opportunity for me," he said. "Sometimes, you have to look at change as being a good thing. I know that (new head coach) Steve Morrow is doing the best job that he can on his end trying to do what he can to put together the best team that he can organize to go out there and do the job day in and day out."

On April 22, things will get a bit interesting for Serioux when Dynamo pay their first visit to Frisco since winning the Alan I. Rothenberg Trophy on penalty kicks against the New England Revolution.

"Yes, it will definitely be weird (playing against them)," Serioux said. "To win the championship last year with a great group of guys and to now be playing for the team that we considered the enemy as our in-state rival, it's going to be difficult. I will have to take it in stride. Everyone is my friend off the field but on the field, it's a business and my job. I will shut down whoever I have to shut down for us to win."

Serioux relishes the fact that he is being asked to bring some much-needed toughness to the Hoops' back line.

"When it all changed was when I went to England (in 2004)," he said. "I had to adapt to that style of play over there. It's a very physical game over there and I brought that to Houston last year. I've been perceived as a rough guy out there and that's just my style of play. (Morrow) is looking at me to bring some toughness to the team and to encourage some other guys to have that kind of fire. If I can do that, it will be great."

Training with his countrymen in the Sunshine State earlier this month is something Serioux feels could help him immensely in preparing for the 2007 MLS campaign.

"It's great," he said. "It was an unbelievable camp. We're going thought a transition where we are looking for a new coach. I talked to Steve while I was down there and told him that this was my preseason before preseason, where I get an opportunity to get into shape before I come into camp. It's always an opportunity and privilege to play for your country. Hopefully, doing that will allow me to go into camp a step ahead of everybody else."

Serioux will play a key role in the Hoops' back four, most likely as a center back. That is where he played for the bulk of 2006 for Dynamo, although he also saw time in central midfield, including in the MLS Cup Final. No matter where he plays, the 27-year-old Serioux will be a big part of what many see as being a greatly improved back line for the Hoops in 2007.
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