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Preview for Dallas Cup XXXIII Super Group

Published 3/26/2012 12:53:56 PM by staff from soccermogul.com

Dallas Cup XXXIII is less than a week away as Super Group play begins next Sunday afternoon in Texas.  It is a wonderful field as always with Manchester United and Everton highlighting the teams coming to town.  Group A looks to be the Group of Death as Man U, Tigres from Mexico and FC Dallas are all drawn together.  Here are our notes and a few tough predictions for Dallas Cup XXXIII.  Come back to SoccerDFW daily for our Dallas Cup coverage once the tournament begins.

Group A
Manchester United, England --
The big draw this year.  The question remains just how good will they be?  We all now the Man U brand and quality, but we have also seen giants like Barcelona, Chelsea and AC Milan crash out in the group stages at Dallas Cup.  Watch the talented duo of William Keane Jesse Lingard who have been tearing up the reserves.  
Club Sporting Cartagines, Costa Rica --
Unlucky to be thrown into the Group of Death.  Should be the underdog in all three matches, but don't be surprised if they grab a result somewhere.
Tigres, Mexico --
Always one of the best teams at the tournament year in and year out. Very technical and attack minded style of play.  They can beat anyone here on any given day.
FC Dallas Academy, USA --
Watch out for this side.  Last year they made the semifinals and they are loaded with talented players that have already signed pro contracts such as Jonathan Top and Ruben Luna.

Group B
Paris Saint Germain, France --
Just how good will they be?  We have seen big squads flame out at Dallas Cup.  Interested to see how they fare.
Mexico U20 National Team --
Expect huge crowds.  Could easily see them taking the group.  Only drawback will be the the team selection as they will treat this as a developmental tournament rather than a win at all costs event.
Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany --
Last year's co-champions.  Can they make another run this year?
Dallas Texans Academy, USA --
Going to be tough to grab a result in this group as they should be overmatched in all three games.

Group C
Everton FC, England --
This looks to be a two team group and the wildcard team to advance could very well come from this group. Everton will have their hands full with Cortiba and I would not be surprised if Cortiba grabs a result, but Everton have to be clear group favorites led by England U17 midfielder John Lundstram.
Cortiba FC, Brazil --
They were the best team I saw in last year's Super Group.  They failed to advance after blowing a 2-0 lead against Eintracht Frankfurt in the final 10 minutes of a game they had thoroughly dominated.  Watch out for this team!  They were not only extremely technical last year they also had some monsters as well.
Club Bolivar, Bolivia --
Can Bolivar grab a result against either of the two group favorites?  Doubtful, but expect Bolivar to put up a good fight.  They'll be entertaining either way.  A bit feisty and definitely skilled.  More than willing to take a dive or start a ruckus.  Cannot wait to see them play the Brazilians.
Kashiwa Reysol, Japan --
I cannot ever remember a Japanese squad advancing from group play in Super Group play.  Expect a very organized and technical game from Reysol, but they will be overmatched athletically by the likes of Everton and Cortiba.

Predictions -
Group A
Dallas Cup is always difficult to predict as upsets abound usually.  You just never know what rosters some teams are going to bring.  Just look back at the flameouts from monsters such as AC Milan and Barcelona in the past.  Manchester United has to be clear favorites in Group A (The Group of Death).  What a killer group!  Man U, FC Dallas and Tigres all together.  Ouch.  Do not be surprised if FC Dallas gets a result against Man U, but then flops against Tigres.  This group will come down to the final matchday to decide a winner.  With all the tight matches the wildcard will not come from this group.  Only one squad will move on.

Group B
A tough call here.  Who knows what kind of squad Paris St Germain will bring.  It is there first Dallas Cup so hopefully they will bring a very strong squad.  The Mexico U20s will be very good as always and should have a huge crowd following, but there have been plenty of youth national teams to play in the Super Group in prior years and none make it out of group play.  Eintracht Frankfurt were last year's co-champions so watch out.  Could they make a long run two years in a row?  Dallas Texans have made runs here before, but not this year.  I'll go out on a limb here and say the deep pocketed French side will find a way to move on.  No wildcard from this group.

Group C
Everton and Cortiba are clearly the class of this group.  Both win their two matches and then battle it out for the group title, but expect the loser to advance as the wildcard.
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