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Some Final Thoughts on Dallas Cup

Published 4/3/2013 9:56:23 AM by staff from dallas

So the best week of the soccer year is in the books.  Dallas Cup XXXIV has come and gone.  Fulham blasted a technically gifted Kashiwa Reysol side in the Super Group final.  Southern California squads won the two youngest ages with Florida claiming the U15 age.  Foreign teams won the oldest four age groups.  Here are some of my closing thoughts on Dallas Cup XXXIV.

The Dallas Cup Super Group Final
We had a Kashiwa Reysol team and coach that refused to adjust their game and kept repeatedly playing right into the teeth of the Fulham tactical plan.  It was a classic case of non-dangerous possession.  Fulham allowed Reysol to have the ball alot of the time in the back.  Non-dangerous possession.  They chose to fight them in the midfield and turn Reysol over there, then burst into the counter attack.  The plan worked magnificiently as a team that had only allowed a single goal in their opening four matches were shredded for five in the Dallas Cup final.

The Facilities
Nothing more than to say other than "Ouch".  Quite a step down from FC Dallas Stadium and the complex in Frisco.  Let's face it.  The Cotton Bowl is a dump.  Sure the field was in great condition, but the stadium and facilities are antiquated at best.  The hard benches for seating were tough to bare.  It was hard to sit on them for even a half of play.  Let's not even talk about the UT Dallas complex.  Those fields are horrible.  It is sad that the best soccer stadium and complex in North Texas is sitting unused for the best youth tournament in the country.  Dallas Cup has to get back to Frisco next year!

The Quality
What a letdown this year was.  The Super Group simply did not live up to the hype at all.  Sure Fulham, Kashiwa Reysol and Fluminense stood out and were quality.  Other than those three.....  Nah.  Tigres sent the worst squad I can ever remember them sending.  Club America was even more disappointing.  Manchester United sent half a roster of 16 year olds and it showed with a very un-dynamic performance.  I mean heck Aalborg made the semifinals and they were about as entertaining to watch as paint dry.  The LA Galaxy squad was a nice surprise though.

The Dallas Sides
Where were they?  Gone are the days of having three or four Classic League teams in quarterfinals at every age.  Why?  It certainly can't be said that Academy has helped.  In fact our four Academy clubs combined for a whopping record of 9 wins 10 losses and 4 draws.  Of the seven North Texas Academy sides at Dallas Cup only two advanced from group play and both of those lost quarterfinal matches.  Not very impressive at all.

So I guess now you can see why Dallas Cup was my most disappointing Cup in 15 years of attending.  Hope prevails though that next year will be back to the same old great Dallas Cup. Thank goodness another one is only a year away.
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