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FC Dallas carrying the flag at Dallas Cup XXXVI

Published 4/3/2015 12:29:35 AM by staff from dallas

It's basically been a complete Dallas flop at Dallas Cup this year for all the local teams other than FC Dallas.  There used to be a day when the quarterfinal round would have three or four Dallas sides at every age.  This year there were only eight Dallas teams total that advanced out of seven age groups.  A horrible showing by any standard.  Only FC Dallas represented at all.  Solar nor Liverpool advanced not a single team and Dallas Texans only advanced one which promptly lost in the quarterfinals.

Under 13   0 wins 7 losses 5 draws
What a disaster the 02 age group was! Not a single win from four Dallas teams.

Under 14   8 wins 4 losses 2 draws
Two FC Dallas sides have advanced to semifinal play.  Both FC Dallas 01 Academy and FC Dallas Youth 01 won their quarterfinal matches and will play each other for a berth in the final.
Both FC Dallas Premier and Dallas Texans South won one and lost two.

Under 15   10 wins 7 losses 5 draws
FC Dallas Academy 00 won their bracket and have advanced to semifinal play.
Dallas Texans 00 and FC Dallas East went 1-1-1 and were eliminated.
Solar Chelsea won one and lost two finishing third in their bracket.
Dallas Texans USSF won one and tied two failing to advance.
Andromeda Academy won two and failed to advance.
FC Dallas Premier only managed a single draw from their three games.

Under 16   9 wins 4 losses 3 draws
FC Dallas Pre Academy won their bracket and have advanced to semifinal play.
Dallas Texans South had two wins and a draw but lost out on tie breakers to advance.
FC Dallas 98 went 1-1-1
Liverpool 98 went 2-1 and were eliminated on goal differential
Andromeda Academy won one and lost two

Under 17   12 wins 9 losses 2 draws
FC Dallas 98 won their bracket and beat North Shore United in a quarterfinal to advance to semifinal play.
Solar Chelsea 98 lost their opening match and never were able to make up for it.
Liverpool 98 won one and lost two.
Andromeda Academy won one of three matches.
The Dallas Texans USSF squad won their bracket but were promptly dispatched in the quarterfinals.
Dallas Texans 98 only managed a single draw from their three matches.
FCUSA went 1-1-1.

Under 19   8 wins 8 losses 2 draws
FC Dallas Premier and FC Dallas Gold advanced from bracket play and will play quarterfinal games on Friday.  
Solar Chelsea lost all three matches and were sent packing while the Solar Academy squad were eliminated after losing their Wednesday match 4-1 to FC Golden State.  
The weak Andromeda U18 Academy team lost all three matches without scoring a goal.
The Dallas Texans U18 Academy side went 1-1-1 and finished third in their bracket.

Overall Dallas record through Thursday matches:
47 wins 39 losses 19 draws

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